From Shelter
To Rescue
To Home
Boston Terrier
I'm Between 8 to 10 Years Old
I weigh 14 pounds
I'm Housebroken
I Like Other Dogs
I Don't Know About Cats
I Like Kids

We’re proud to announce that this dog is part of our Silver Paws for Love program.

Silver Paws for Love is an adoption program for pets 6 years and older adopted by anyone over 55. The adoption fees are fully subsidized.

Sam Adams is a very typical Boston, loving and sweet, energetic and devilish!

Sam is a small Boston with a cute bunny hop due to suspected arthritis in his front elbows, which doesn't hold him back in the least. We all love him so much..... he's a dreamboat, gentle and affectionate.

Sam has lost the vision in his right eye and has a scar on his left eye. He sees, he does stairs, he gets around just fine, but he is visually impaired. He gets on well with the dogs in his foster home; old pugs, young dogs, and dogs that visit. He is neither reactive or aggressive toward other dogs. If he becomes overstimulated by something in the environment (loud noise, people or animals making a rukus), he will become startled and sometimes has a moment of uncertainty on how to respond. He comes around quite easily, and is such a love.   

He walks well on leash, comes when you call his name, very dear in bed under your covers or on a dog bed near your bed. Like so many others, we want a wonderful, loving home for Sam.   ❤️

Apply to Adopt Sam Adams

Located in Penngrove, CA
Mailing PO Box 17, Penngrove, CA 94951
Phone (415) 621-3647

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