I'm 5 Years Old
My Weight is Unknown
I'm Housebroken
I Like Other Dogs
I Don't Know About Cats
I'm Not Sure About Kids

*8/13/22 Update* Henry is now walking on all fours! His back legs seem to be building strength and he is walking normally. He loves to be held and groomed. Henry responds well to positive tones and lots of love. 

Pierre is an Outstanding Handstand dog. He cannot use his back legs and was never given the option of wheels, so he just walks on his front legs! He is fairly well housebroken, but will do best with a belly band indoors initially.   Pierre loves being groomed and petted, and he is very affectionate. We feel that he will do best in a home as an only dog, because of his disability. He even takes this as a chance to stretch out his back legs, which we don't get to see often. He really just wants to be loved by his special person. 

Apply to Adopt Pierre (O-Henry)

Located in Penngrove, CA
Mailing PO Box 17, Penngrove, CA 94951
Phone (415) 621-3647

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