Foster FAQs

Let's talk about fostering!

Thank you for considering becoming a foster family for Wonder Dog Rescue! Please read this page and and fill out the form linked below if you’d like us to send a little bundle of love to you for foster care! Please join our Fosters and Volunteers Facebook Group to see newly available foster dogs or to get to know other foster families.

How long will my foster be with me?

This varies from dog to dog – some dogs are adopted as soon as they become available for adoption but this is not the case with every dog. It’s possible that your foster could be with you for a few months. This is not a bad thing; it means that your foster’s perfect match has not come along yet. Length of time that you are available to foster is one of the strongest considerations that we take into account. We want to set you up to succeed!

What is expected of me as a foster parent?

We prefer that all foster parents be able to commit to their foster dog/puppy until they are adopted. Please know that we will move a dog if needed and that it can take a few days to find a new foster spot. If you are fostering a dog who needs to be moved contact us as soon as possible.
We also ask that you be able to bring your foster to one adoption event per weekend. This helps tremendously in finding your foster’s forever home! You do not need to hang out for the entire event – you are welcome to drop your foster off at 12pm and pick her/him up at 3pm. Our adoption events are generally held in San Francisco, from 12-3pm. We understand that people are busy and that you may not always be able to attend every week. This is OK, just let us know ahead of time!

Am I expected to provide my foster with their necessities?

No, you are not responsible for providing your foster with anything other than love and affection! We will give you the supplies you need – food, leash, collar, toys, medicine, bedding, etc. If you need to purchase items for which you will want to be reimbursed we ask that you check with us prior to the purchase.

What happens if the dog does not work out in my home?

It’s important to understand that your foster dog will need time to adjust to their new life. Imagine that they were very frightened in the shelter… or perhaps missing their former family. Your new foster might cry or have an accident in the house. Be patient and kind…. And know that we are here to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.
If your foster dog is not a good match for your home we will move the pup to another foster home. It can take a few days to find a new spot. Please contact us about any behavior or health issues you feel your foster dog is having. We are always available by email and phone to answer any questions and concerns which may arise.

How involved do I need to be in my foster’s adoption process?

You know your foster dog better than anybody else! We count on your information and advice to help us match the pup up to his or her permanent home. Logistically, we handle all of the adoption details: the screening process, setting up meet and greets, adoption contracts, etc. If you or a friend are interested in adopting your foster dog please let us know... We’re happy to help!
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