Shelter Animals Count

Collecting data and tracking the number of dogs we rescue is an important part of a rescue. Wonder Dog Rescue has been using the Asilomar Live Release Rate in calculating these statistics. In-house, we also use special rescue software to track every incoming animal and to maintain other statistics, with regard to Special Needs, Seniors, and Hospice dogs. This is important to us, because we place focus upon dogs with special medical needs. We report our "Save Rate" because of the number of long term medical fosters and hospice dogs that we serve. Once a dog arrives in rescue they are safe from euthanasia. The minimal exceptions are for "end of life dogs" and for dogs whose behavior problems pose a grave risk to the public.
Hospice dogs, living with incurable conditions, live in foster homes and receive appropriate medical treatment for life. Dogs with long-term health conditions (such as demodex) remain in foster homes until they are healed and ready for adoption. We raise money for those dogs who have conditions that can be treated surgically. In this way we provide the greatest quality of life possible for the animals in our care.

Located in Penngrove, CA
Mailing PO Box 17, Penngrove, CA 94951
Phone (415) 621-3647

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