Questions About Volunteering?

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Wonder Dog Rescue. You'll be surprised at how giving just a few hours once a week can do so much good, and you'll be richly rewarded.
Can I volunteer if I’m just a kid?
Yes! We love working with kids. We are going to ask that your family contact us via email about volunteering at mobile adoptions and a parent or guardian will have to accompany you in the beginning. You’ll have a good time learning about dogs and rescues. Our youngest volunteer was with us for almost 4 years, and she was 9 when she started helping out!
What time commitment do you need?
There are folks who tell us that they can attend weekly adoption events or can commit to a set number of hours per week doing other things. Some people need more flexibility. And there are people who do volunteer work for us from their homes! We’re happy to discuss details with you. Our weekly volunteer newsletter will keep you up to date with events and ways to help. We ask that you make a six month commitment.

Current Needs

Foster Homes
Fostering is probably the most important of all jobs. When you open your home to fostering a pup, adult dog, or a litter we get to save lives! We can not do it without you. We can provide foster homes with whatever supplies are needed and we work to make a good match so that you’ll have a wonderful time. Please email if you have questions, or fill out the form to apply to be a foster.
Mobile Adoption Assistance
Arrive at 11:45am to help set up the pens and work with the animals. Mobile adoption events can be very stressful, especially for new (country) dogs. Keeping them calm and happy is the best way to help them shine and find potential homes! Mobile events run on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 3pm.
Marketing & Outreach Specialist
Growing an organization is a very special task and requires skilled leadership. We are currently seeking someone who can help Wonder Dog Rescue take this leap. We are seeking someone who has experience in press, TV, and print media who has the energy and drive to move us along on this path! It’s so vital to the future of the rescue… and of course to the well being of the dogs.
Fundraising Specialist
Organizing fundraisers can be time consuming but it’s very important to the future of Wonder Dog Rescue and to the welfare of our animals. We take in many dogs who have extraordinary medical needs and have a very special soft spot for seniors and those who are ill. We need to be able to raise more money to help those who have special needs. If you enjoy working on fundraising and have experience organizing and producing fundraisers we’d love to have you join us!
We need help transporting dogs from shelters in outlying areas to their neuter appointments and to/from the mobile adoptions. Often we create multi-driver transports when bringing dogs from a distance. One of our volunteers, Karey, is a Fresno firefighter. On her days off she will, in her own words, “drive four hours in any direction to help transport a dog.” Karey’s assistance has helped us to save dogs in the Fresno area and beyond! Can you help out with some driving? Gas and tolls are gladly reimbursed.
Oh my! Some of the longer-haired dogs are matted to the skin. We would benefit so greatly from a groomer who could help us with these special cases.

Located in Penngrove, CA
Mailing PO Box 17, Penngrove, CA 94951
Phone (415) 621-3647

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