From Shelter
To Rescue
To Home
I'm 7 Years Old
I weigh 12 pounds
I'm Housebroken
I Like Other Dogs
I Don't Know About Cats
I Like Kids

We’re proud to announce that this dog is part of our Silver Paws for Love program.

Silver Paws for Love is an adoption program for pets 6 years and older adopted by anyone over 55. The adoption fees are fully subsidized.

Lucky is a red possibly Chi/Dachshund mix probably 5-6 years old. Lucky came with Sammy as their owner passed away. They ended up at the Los Banos Shelter. 

 She is in the sweet spot of being both an active girl and still loving plenty of snuggles and nap times.  She will fetch toys eagerly and likes to prowl and sniff through the bushes and yard when not laying right next to you on the couch.  She was a little nervous when first moving into her foster's house and needed reassurance which she readily sought by trying to be extra close.  She has smiling eyes and leans her head in to snuggle.  She can be shy when meeting strangers and yet when she feels unsure I have seen her climb into a stranger's lap to seek assurance of her own accord.  She will do well with someone who recognizes she needs to experience all there is in a slower manner as she feels up to.  She is potty trained and will race out to take care of her business.  She can be a little scared on the leash and walks best with a buddy dog.  I'm sure she will warm up to it with time and experience as she is an inquisitive, fun-loving girl.  She is fit even though she could lose some weight and can readily jump into your lap or bed even if it is high.  She will stand on her back paws to visit you too.

Apply to Adopt Lucky

Located in Penngrove, CA
Mailing PO Box 17, Penngrove, CA 94951
Phone (415) 621-3647

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