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Hank (at NY location)

Hi! My Name Is Hank (at NY location)

*Foster Update 9/9/22* Hank is the sweetest & most gentle pupper! A gem like no other. He gets along with other dogs, cats, & children. Hank's favorite activities are fetching, cuddling, and tag. If he gets bored at night he loves playing with his squeaky toys & bully sticks (HE LOOOOOVES BULLY STICKS). The vet said his long-term skin issue requires medicated bathing twice a week to help the skin from flaring up. Hank is used to his weekly baths by now, he's very calm once he's inside the tub although if his bath senses start tingling he'll try to hide. When Hank is indoors he's mostly a couch potato and quite he'll only bark if he needs to go out or wants to play. If you're looking for a new desk mate Hank is perfect for you!

Hank was abandoned when his people moved and left him. The neighbor was feeding him until he was brought to the shelter in Los Banos. His skin had become irritated and unbalanced from stress and lack of flea medications. He is currently having medicated baths to help calm and rebalance the skin back to normal.
In the meantime, he is said to be nearly one year old. He has a cute underbite. He is still working on leash skills. Which he had none before and each day he is improving a bit more. The same goes for his potty training. Anytime a dog is left in one place such as outdoors or indoors, they can not differentiate between where to potty. He is making great progress with that as well. He is underweight but has a good appetite. He is learning about toys and he likes them. He is resting a lot since his body is healing. He likes being outside although he is not used to all the activities.
Hank would be a wonderful addition to any home. He is happy to see everyone. As time goes on we will add more information on his progress.

  • Schnauzer - Miniature
  • Male
  • 0 Days Old
  • White & Grey
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